The Divine Mercy, Marian Helper and Holy Soul Sodality

Since I was a child, I have had a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and his mother, the Virgin Mary.

It was many years of my own soul searching only to come to find the community known as the Marian Helpers.  

I thought I was against the harsh rules of religion that the Catholic church has become.  I thought it was all rules and no spirit.  Or if there was spirit, it was misunderstood.  But I found that what are respected pieces of actual faith and proof of spirituality,  are also part of the harsh religion I thought I didn't want to be a part of. 

Instead, I was drawn in closer.  So that I could truly experience the truth I have been searching for within my spirituality.  

I remembered how powerful praying the rosary was for me.  After finding the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in my late grandmothers things, I connected with it immediately.  I had never heard of it before, but I knew it was meant for me.  When my grandmother passed I was what people call, "in the veil".  My grief during her illness and after her passing was supernatural.  I truly felt like I was walking in between worlds.  The only thing that kept my mind from destroying itself was praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  Through that novena of 9 days after her passing, I was taken into my dreams and down a bright red orange hallway filled with ancient carvings protecting its every surface and windows that showed nothing but clear blue skies.  When I walk in other realms I never have any real thoughts, I am light and have no judgments.  That being said I didn't find it unusual to be walking with another person.  It was a man in a white gown holding a bright torch of light.  We spoke greetings but it was in our minds.  He lead me down this hallway which seemed long.  At the end was a door, etched in carvings, inside I could see a store room of some kind with statues of St. Michael, St. Jude, Angels and all the Saints, all also covered in ancient carvings, Angel script.  Although this was interesting to be taken here, inside I was surprised to find my Grandmother next to a big bright window.  Oh I loved seeing her and being with her.  She asked me how I was and how things were.  I told her how wonderful she looked.  Our communication was telepathic.  Her mouth never moved. But her eyes told me everything.  In our joy, I completely forgot that she had passed away.  I just remember holding her and hugging her, telling her that it was so good to see her.  And that I would see her again very soon.  Moments later I woke up in my bed amazed that I was back in this dimension.  Our encounter was so real, our joy, our love, our touch.  Feeling that way in that place was a feeling of eternal life.  There was no goodbye.  Just joy and light.  Clear.    

It was after that experience that I realized that I had helped my grandmother to Heaven.  She did not have to pass through purgatory or any other worlds.  That with my help and the help of her family and friends' prayers, she was immediately teleported to Heaven.   

That experience along with several other experiences I continued to recall, solidified for me that I was able to go into the other realms.  

These experiences have directed my whole spiritual life.  

Since I never had anyone speak to me about supernatural experience, I could only know the truth that came from heart from the Holy Spirit.  At a young age I was able to control my fear and perceive clearly when walking in my dreams.  I have the ability to observe other souls without their perception of me in the other realms.  I learned how to disguise my presence and learned how to walk with the souls in purgatory.  

I do not know how or why I am safe while I travel to other realms, but I believe it is because of direct protection from Jesus Christ.  My love for him as if he is family allows me to walk without fear in the darkness.  And I'm allowed to keep my own mind and my own thoughts without other souls hearing me.  This tranquility in my soul gives me confidence to travel for long periods of time and communicate with other souls.  

But it took me a long time to realize all these truths.  It was my love for Jesus Christ that lead me to the Gospel of Mary Magdelene.  In her gospel, she described the details of what happened after Jesus' death.  And wrote about how Jesus explained to her why she was the first one he chose to appear to.  What she described touched my soul and helped explain to me all the mysteries I had experienced in my life.  He explained to her that he appeared to her because she had no fear.  And that she had the gift to see those who are no longer of this realm.  It was the first time such a gift had ever been described in any holy text I had ever read.  Not only did it move me but it placed me even deeper inside the love of Jesus Christ.  It made me feel like Jesus had more to say than what is in the bible.  And that maybe his most important teachings are not what many know.  But maybe what many still have yet to find out.

Regardless, my love for Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary just got deeper as my days were long.

I have decided to become a Marian Helper in the Circle of Light and a part of the Holy Soul Sodality.  The Sodality prays for souls in purgatory and makes it their mission to guide souls into the Light of God.  The Circle of Light lights candles under the eyes of the Saints, the Virgin Mary and God on sacred ground.  It is my one and only God given gift to be able to go into the dark and lead souls into the light.  And I have no fear now in accepting this mission.  And so it is.

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