mystic moon coffee


Who we are...Who you are...

We are many, and we are from all corners of the universe.
Somehow, some way, we found ourselves here.
Under the same sky.
Under the same stars.
Under the same mystic moon.

One night where we get another chance.
Another opportunity to change our present moment and create the future we want.
Another way for us to reconnect with the Universe.
One night where the flicker of the light from a candle becomes a beacon of hope.
One night where our prayers are not only heard but seen piercing through the darkness.
As we travel through the Universe, we are wrapped inside a protective white light.
The light pierces through our shells of armor.
It's power, intense and consuming.
It takes us to places within ourselves and we are reminded that it is through our flame, our light within that we persist in our journey.

As the sun sets, we rise.

mystic moon coffee